The inspiration behind Create and Craft's 'Seamless Sunday' show

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Following the launch of Create and Craft’s exciting new magazine style format Seamless Sunday show, Executive producer, Emily Bancroft, and Line Producer, Tasmin Flood, reveal exactly how the idea came to life, what it means to the team that are driving it, and the impact this has on the changing face of TV shopping.

What drove you to test this new format?

Tasmin: As soon as we found out this was going to be a 4-hour show, we knew that we wanted to do something totally different with it, and really set it apart from the kind of shows we usually produce.

Emily: Exactly – with this show, we wanted as much interaction as possible! Deals galore – yes, but also interesting and exciting content too… so we came up with the idea of creating a magazine style show.

Tasmin: We believed that this would tie in perfectly with the soft crafts approach – what sewing enthusiast doesn’t want to sit back and fill their living room with all things sewing on a Sunday?

Where did you draw your inspiration from?

Emily: After multiple meetings and reviews of magazine style shows, we found that the concept of having all the guests together for the whole 4 hours, getting involved with the variety of different soft crafts, and having discussions about said crafts, was a nice touch, and really enabled us to create an engaging format.

Tasmin: It’s a friendlier, more relaxed, and totally relatable way to learn more about sewing and discover all the deals on offer.

Why do you think the magazine style format translates so well to TV shopping?

Tasmin: I think the idea of having multiple discussions and a softer approach to the show, without a hard sell, was needed for this kind of craft.

Emily: One of the massive benefits to having such an extended time slot, was that it allowed us to see demos from start to finish.

Tasmin: We love having the audience add their twist to the show as well, whether it be a t-caller for a question, or just sewing enthusiasts sending us their makes!

How important is testing new formats in relation to future proofing the TV shopping business?

Emily: It gives us a chance to explore different avenues and see what works well and what doesn’t. At the end of the day, we are there for our customer to enjoy, and want to continue to be a part of their crafting story.

Tasmin: I think, in the world of TV, things are constantly changing, so to be a part of testing something innovative is always exciting!

How do you think you’ll keep up with changing trends going forward?

Emily: We are quite an interactive shopping channel, and we always listen to our customers - it’s nice to read their testimonials, and learn what they’re a fan of, as well as where we could improve.

Tasmin: Exactly – as a production team, looking at Seamless Sunday, we take on board what our viewers are saying, whether it’s via email, or even on social media. We like to know what is really keeping the audience excited and interested… especially when we’re trying something new!

How has this new format made you think differently as a team?

Emily: There is a lot that goes into pre-planning a show like this, with the number of guests that we have. We want everyone to be as engaged as possible and create a nice flow for the 4 hours.

Tasmin: It’s nice to sit down with the director and see if there is anything new that we can bring to really put our stamp on the new format, whether it’s an idea from within the team, or even something a viewer has mentioned.

Emily: Totally - always happy to adapt, and love that our viewers keep us on our toes!

How important is teamwork and communication when pitching new ideas like this?

Tasmin: A lot of planning has to go into a show like this and the director, floor manager and I have to have constant communication both in prep, and during the gallery hour… so to have everyone on board with clear and concise communication, is key!

Emily: There is a lot of moving about, different segments of shows and a lot of interaction between other guests and audience members – so it’s crucial for everyone to be on the same page.

Do you watch the competition, or feel confident with your own path?

Tasmin: I feel confident about the path that we are taking – of course, we want to keep our own Create and Craft spin on our shows, no matter what the format!

Emily: Yes – we want our audience to know that this is a Create and Craft show, always! Our customers are there because they feel that there is value in what we do and we wouldn’t want to take that away from them.

Tasmin: We will continue to experiment – but we still want to make sure that this is Create and Craft; this is what our customers love and enjoy.

What’s next after testing this magazine style format?

Tasmin: We’re hoping that even more new and interesting formats will be generated further down the line – but tweaking and perfecting this one is still our priority right now – I want to see what really keeps the audience interested and engaged and build on that.

Emily: As this is a new format, we are still trialling and testing different approaches – it’s exciting!

Tasmin: That’s right, we don’t want to keep the show the same every time… so watch this space!