Ideal Shopping Direct provides 400 m metres of fabric and sewing materials to local PPE-making initiative

Samantha Jeffries   ·  2 min read

Retailer Ideal Shopping Direct has provided 400 m metres of fabric and sewing materials to the local For the Love of Scrubs group, which sews much-needed PPE garments for local NHS and healthcare workers.

The Stamford, Rutland & Lincolnshire For the Love of Scrubs subgroup used the fabric to sew 320 paramedic bags. These 2 ft by 3 ft bags are designed for paramedics to safely contain and transport their bulky uniforms home and put them directly in the wash, in the bags. With the fabric cut-offs the group also made 100 button head bands. As well as the fabric, the business sent 15 x 100 m rolls of tape for the bags’ drawstrings and trouser scrubs’ waistbands and 150 x 100 m of white gutterman thread to replenish the group’s stock.

Ideal Shopping Direct worked with its Create and Craft channel’s suppliers Craft Cotton Co. to provide the fabric and Groves and Banks to provide the cotton tape and thread.

Miriam Spring Davies, on behalf of the Stamford, Rutland & Lincolnshire For the Love of Scrubs subgroup said: “The fabric donation came at the perfect moment as we had just had a large request from the ambulance services to make the large wash bags. It meant we could supply the fabric to our sewers immediately and fulfil that request unbelievably efficiently.”

She added: “We are so grateful for the donation; it’s generosity like this that enables us to keep going, channel help where it’s needed and fulfil very specific requests. Knowing companies are supporting us gives our group a morale boost too. We’re still sewing and constantly fulfilling requests, so we’d encourage anyone who is still in need to contact us.”

CEO of Ideal Shopping Direct, Jamie Martin, said: “We have been so impressed by the work and community-mindedness of the For the Love of Scrubs groups and were keen to support them. We are glad the fabric has been able to help health workers on the frontline.

He added: “As well as making regular one-off donations, as a business we have also committed to donating 10% of all essential items currently sold to local charities, NHS units and the most vulnerable. We are also working hard to create a larger-scale NHS Heroes campaign.”

To date the Stamford, Rutland & Lincolnshire For the Love of Scrubs subgroup has received and fulfilled orders for 10,664 garments – 1,393 scrubs, 6,904 bags, 1,274 hats and 1,093 headbands. To request scrubs or additional items contact the group via

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