ADORNit products available at Create and Craft TV for the first time

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ADORNit comes all the way from Salt Lake City, USA and they will be launching on Create and Craft on the 25th July, with four different shows covering completely different genres on each - quilting, colouring and home décor. The four guest presenters will be Georgana Hall, Alison Lindhart, Jackie Berryhill and Ross Mcmullin. Create and Craft is working directly with ADORNit who will be offering exclusive kits. The products will not only be available in the UK, but also on the Create and Craft TV channel in the USA.

During their launch shows, the presenters will demonstrate differing techniques, from watercolouring, to quilting a tablerunner to creating a shadow box home décor project. These show the diversity of Adornit and their offering.

ADORNit is a manufacturer of paper crafts, wood décor and quilting fabric as well as a distributor of unique boutique finished items. In 1985 Carolee McMullin, founder of ADORNit, published folk art painting books and found women painting her patterns and then cutting them out to use in scrapbook layouts. She saw a great opportunity to create a business to provide unique fresh art on paper for people to preserve their family memories. Carolee then started the company, ‘Carolee’s Creations’, which was one of the first pioneering companies in the scrapbooking industry.

Expanding her business became a reality when she changed the company name to ADORNit and in 2009 began designing and manufacturing her own original quilting fabrics. ADORNit was the first company to offer coordinating scrapbook paper and quilting fabric. Carolee’s family grew along with her business, and her three daughters Georgana, Alison and Jackie, collectively known as the ‘ADORNit Girls’, have become integrated into the business from a young age. “Family has always come first, there is nothing better than working alongside my sisters and mom every day,” the youngest daughter, Jackie said. Commenting Carolee McMullin said: “ADORNit is run by a team of talented women. When you choose us, you can be assured that the ADORNit Girls are part of the whole journey. From designing the original hand-drawn art, making unique projects, and quality product, ADORNit has the customer in mind.”

Tony Sheridan of Create and Craft, commenting said: “We are delighted be able to start offering our customers ADORNit products for the first time. We pride ourselves on the wide choice we make available. We pride ourselves on bringing new and exciting products to the market and our customers want new and exclusive products and we work hard to deliver this for them, continuing to provide brands, products and projects that will inspire, educate, and challenge crafters of all levels.”

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